Large Wedding Photography Package

We LOVE this package.  Why? you get lots of little things that you would have to pay extra for with other photographers in this price.  

for £1900 you get:

ONE x 12×12 inch album with an acrylic cover  (trust us they are gorgeous) 

TWO x 6 x 6 inch parent albums, they are standard leather cover, and are carbon copies of the larger 12 x 12 album.

ONE, large signature board.  These are really great as an alternative for the traditional signature book.  We take responsibility for this and get all the guests to sign the board while at the same time, taking a quick photograph of the smaller groups at your wedding.  This fits one photograph at the centre and it is professionally framed in a traditional frame.


TWO photographers.  Why do you need two photographers? you get more photos duh? but its only necessary if your location and reception are miles apart, you can drop to 1 photographer no problem at all (take £100 off the price above).  

ALL images on USB, including all high res images in colour and black and white. 

This is a great package, we are there from bridal prep right the way through to first dance.


Small print: We do not charge mileage, however if we are more than 2 hours drive away from belfast (yes we are talking about the wilds of Fermanagh, Sligo and Wicklow!) we often leave after taking the photography of the speeches or make some sort of arrangements for staying over.

If we stay for first dance we do require some grub.  This can be just the main meal of the wedding breakfast or a burger at the bar we do not need to be on your table plan.  We often find that there is a few people who pull out and you have already have paid for their meals we will gladly have this.  Bottom line is whatever suits you, suits us.