Small Album Wedding Photography


This is aimed at a mid budget range for brides and grooms that dont necessarily want the fuss of two photographers but want a beautiful set of amazing wedding photographs that are a real mix of contemporary photography and traditional family shots.  

All images are yours to print as you like and you get both High Res Colour and High Res Black and White photographs.  The album is a 10 x 10 inch album with 10 pages this normally holds about 30 images but you can always add pages on if there are more that you want to after the wedding.


One photographer.

An unmarked USB with all edited images in high res colour and high res black and white.

Photographs from morning preparations until start of dinner, speeches and hopefully 1st dance!.



The cost for one photographer starts at £1000 with a 10 x 10 inch album.



Do we need to feed you? – If we are staying to speeches then no as we can scoot on, if we are staying to 1st dance then yes please (your hotel will have a vendor meal). 

Do you charge mileage? – No not normally however there are specific locations that we need to add in mileage as we are simply too far away from Belfast, normally anything below the border, Donegal and some parts of Fermanagh I will always let you know but its a rare occurrence.

How many images do you get? – Anything from 300 – 800.  It very much depends on how much time I get with the bride and groom in advance of the wedding and also how ‘up for it’ the couple are.  Some people want the bear minimum where as others want to use all of the time taking images.  The amount is also weather dependant, usually the drier the wedding the more likely we are to take more images outside.  There are always a few more of people at their tables and guest photos in this package